Let’s inspire more young people into work.

Picture1We are lucky to have the wonderful Naomi Ward on our team, working on many of our research projects aimed at children and young people. As an educational specialist she brings a hugely valuable extra perspective to our thinking but more than that, she inspires us and reminds us of how important it is to use our work and connections to do something good.

Always looking for ways to connect client organisations in meaningful ways with young people: it’s about creating better opportunities for young people and a more inspired and enabled workforce for the future.

Here’s a word from Naomi about her most recent event aimed at getting educators and clients working together: #teachmeetwork

If you’re inspired by idea of giving young people valuable connections and opportunities and you’re in a position to do something about it at your organization, then please contact Naomi directly at naomijw7444@gmail.com or via us here at OXY.

“As a teacher, I’ve always wondered if what we teach and how we teach are the best ways for preparing young people for work.  In addition, careers education is inconsistently delivered across the country, and most young people are disparaging about the support they’ve received.  In the words of a 17 year old apprentice, ‘It’s no good being given information I can just look up myself on Google!’ Another apprentice complained that work experience opportunities she was offered were gendered; as a result she feels that her opportunities are limited. This isn’t good enough.

As a response to this, I organised a Teachmeet with Portsmouth College, an innovative college which believes that ‘education can be different.’  We brought together employers, parents, teachers and students to share ideas about how we can be more creative and effective in enabling young people to be curious about work and explore as many pathways as possible. At the moment, we are developing ideas about how to use technology to enable young people to connect with expertise in the community.  Evidence shows that the more encounters young people have with employers, the less likely they are to be NEETs when they leave college.

Careers education is a difficult nut to crack, but by working in collaboration with Portsmouth College, we have a great laboratory for our ideas.  And we intend to make a difference for the young people in our community”