Parrot Picasso?

At a recent conference I was posed with the following question: ‘If creativity is future-proofed does that mean creativity is a fundamental part of what makes us human?’.

The first thing is that creativity definitely isn’t unique to humans. Other species create BUT it’s the effort, enjoyment we derive and the value we place on our creativity that pulls us apart.

A lovely little example: male Bowerbirds create stunning nests to woo their females with no other benefit than their aesthetic appeal. Every nest is completely unique and individual birds demonstrate their own tastes in colours and styles, repeating these over and over again each time they get amorous. They have individual creative style that they’ll lovingly recreate if a feather falls out of place. So, creativity isn’t unique to humans but what about how we come together and collaborate in the name of creativity? I think there’s something interesting in this.

From a study we recently conducted at Oxy, looking at young people’s digital identity and online drivers, it’s SHARED creativity that is really driving younger generations in the digital space.

It’s about co-creation, peer evaluation, congruence and collaboration. All of this is facilitated by our ability to communicate and share complex creative concepts and to use digital technology in ways that were impossible before.

Harnessing technology to enable shared creativity is a massive opportunity – look at WeSauce or YouMedia in Chicago. Both use technology to facilitate and fuel collaborative creativity in brilliant ways.

So creativity isn’t unique to humans but ability to co-create and use technology to fuel this creation is unique…Bowerbirds aren’t online yet. The firing between creative human brains is something so exciting and wonderful BUT there’s no reason not to use technology to get more brains firing at once!