The Rise of the Machines: what should advertisers do?

From a research perspective the developments in technology are opening doors to even greater creativity and insight. It’s something to run towards, not run away from. At Oxy we’re about being brave and bold and I reckon that’s what’s needed here.

– Be open to using new technology to help inform development. We’ve developed some fantastic combined methods with our partners at the UCL Brain Sciences Department that deliver tangible, robust, genuinely pioneering insight. However, all but the bravest of clients seem willing to incorporate these new technological approaches into mainstream research.

– Don’t forget the power of the individual human to collaborate and co-create to really fuel development. We’re big believers in insight approaches that allow for this AND harness technology to facilitate sharing and creativity to deliver really powerful insight.

– And lastly, make friends with the robots ;), be brave and overcome our seemingly innate uncanny valley fears because if we don’t…Gen Z will.