Oxy Insight

What makes us different

Headed up by Sonia Joao, Oxy brings together teams of experts from diverse backgrounds, unlimited by guidelines or toolkits. We're independent, free to innovate and driven to do great research that makes us and our clients proud.

We build individual relationships, listening to you, getting to know you, your business and what you really want from research. Being there when you need us.

We devote the time to tailor every single project not only to inspire and excite your teams but to deliver the robust and actionable insight you need.

Our approach to Children and Youth research

We love working with children and young people. We believe in allowing them an authentic voice and we have endless energy for creating new ways of uncovering insight.
Our top 3 for really great Kids & Youth insight on every project:

  • Creative, innovative techniques that allow young people to express themselves in the most relevant ways.
  • The input of child development and psychology expertise.
  • Some of the best children’s moderators to engage, encourage and empower young people to be the best they can be.

Take a look at some of our recent work across sectors, from pre-schoolers to young adults here  but do get in touch to find out how we could bring new perspectives on insight for you.

Our approach to Retail research

Retail is a big sector and we can’t begin to cover what 20 yrs researching in this sector has taught us here. Nonetheless, whether it’s working with FMCG, retailers, brands or advertisers, we stay true to our core beliefs of what makes the most valuable retail research:

  • Multiple perspectives: customer journeys and decision making are complex. One view is never enough.
  • Understanding the dynamics within the sector whilst also drawing inspiration from without.
  • Keeping an eye for detail and clear direction: if it’s not robust and actionable it’s useless.

Take a look here to see just how varied our approaches can be but do get in touch to find out how we could bring alternative approaches to insight for you.